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Had a good weekend with some crazy twists

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Had a good weekend with some crazy twists Empty Had a good weekend with some crazy twists

Post  coopsta Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:46 am

Thank you brother for having me out this weekend.  I had many laughs as usual and we made some progress on le-econo-chauvel.  
 The road home brought a few twists and turns I did not expect.  I made it to Fernie on Sunday around noon and the word on the street was the pass was closed, so I thought maybe I should turn back but as luck would have it there was an avalanche that closed the highway behind me so I was stranded in Fernie Sunday and Monday.  I was lucky enough to track down a motel room and I holed up for a couple days and waited for the roads to open either east or west.  
 Monday night around midnight the crow was re-opened so I peeled out of Fernie at 5 am this morning giving all the cab lizards stranded in Sparelem plenty of time to clear out.  It worked out great as I had nobody ahead of me or behind most of the way to pincher creek.  After pincher the road conditions improved a heap and I was making trail like a mofo.  
 All in all I had a blast and even the getting stranded part wasn't too bad, I like the unknown adventures that hide in the dark that come as a surprise anyways so it was all good.  I got home this morning a little after 9 am and headed to the shop for work.  


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Had a good weekend with some crazy twists Empty Re: Had a good weekend with some crazy twists

Post  sunnydog Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:54 pm

The pleasure was mine, great to have you out, lucky you escaped the Kootenay tractor beam but I expect you'll enter her clutches again before long...till then may the force be with you Very Happy

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