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Are Ya Happy Now Coonskin?

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Are Ya Happy Now Coonskin? Empty Are Ya Happy Now Coonskin?

Post  Dennman Fri Dec 07, 2012 4:54 pm

Well I called around looking for a rocker shim to replace the wallowed out one that I just wasn't happy with.No luck locally.The last shop that I called was the fella that built my original S&S 88".He said he never had any and that Harley never used them in a Shovel.So my rocker boxes that he's had his hands, on at least 3 occasions and replaced rockers and a shaft,have had these shims in them for at least the 30 yrs. that i've had the scoot.Now since the back box had the noise and the bad shim,I had no alternative but to countersink a spacer to reduce the .012 endplay that I'd have after removing the shim..I decided the old spacers would be good practice for this.
The first attempt of countersink,assemble,measure,disassemble,coutersink,assemble,measure,disassemble,etc,etc for I don't know how many times til I got the .004 endplay cherry with NO SHIMS,Carlos!!
Stimulating satisfaction enough for me that I did the other one in the box.It went much faster since now I have an idea of how many chips must fly off my COBBED up countersink tool to get to my desired endplay.
Back to do the other box and take a couple pics of my fancy tool
[img][/img][img]Are Ya Happy Now Coonskin? Rocker23[/img]
and an example of a machined spacer
[img]Are Ya Happy Now Coonskin? Rocker24[/img][img]
Drill press setup.
Are Ya Happy Now Coonskin? Rocker25[/img]

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Are Ya Happy Now Coonskin? Empty Re: Are Ya Happy Now Coonskin?

Post  sunnydog Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:58 pm

Awesome Denn, perhaps now the Powdershootin' Plainsman will be appeased. sunny

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Are Ya Happy Now Coonskin? Empty I do feel better

Post  coopsta Fri Dec 07, 2012 7:11 pm

Well it does make feel all warm and fuzzy when you talk about countersinking spacers and setting end play on rocker shafts down to .004. Maybe later we could get this party really rockin and talk about breather spacers and cam end play that really gets me wound up Smile

However it came to pass I think the shovel gods will smile upon you my friend and bless your beast with many happy miles lol!

That countersink tool looks like just the ticket Den....damn fine looking tool!!

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Are Ya Happy Now Coonskin? Empty Re: Are Ya Happy Now Coonskin?

Post  kootenai Fri Dec 07, 2012 9:20 pm

thats the best! nice one dennman!! hope you folks ave a good weekend.

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Are Ya Happy Now Coonskin? Empty Re: Are Ya Happy Now Coonskin?

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