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6 speed install this weekemd

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6 speed install this weekemd Empty 6 speed install this weekemd

Post  coopsta Sun Jun 08, 2014 8:45 pm

A buddy piled up his 5 speed in his 90' softail custom.  Asked me what could be done to get back on the road asap and make the biggest difference for performance as he is trying to run with some twinkles on the hiways.  So I said fuck man lets try stuffing one of them rivera primo 6 speed power drive transmissions.  He liked the idea so it was on!!

 Well starting installing Friday afternoon, and had it all back together friday night but ran into some issues with the clutch actuator that the cable hooks into.  Primo machined to much off that little metal hook and the cable is able to pop out of its slot.  Did some mixing and matching but ended up using the hook from his original 5 speed and it seems to be working just fine.  
 So of course I didn't remember to take any photos cause I am a forgetful fuck…..sorry No   
Anyway, with a few adjustments and tweaks it all went together pretty well.  Now the good part.  This is as far as I can tell a bone stock 80" evo nothing been tweaked motor wise.  I was excited to find out if the evo had the guts to carry the new gears.  According to the manufacturer this trans has a 2.94 first gear, 1-1 fifth gear and .86:1 6th.  Evo has no troubles pulling hard thru all the gearing.  The trans shifts slick and smooth and very close tight shifts.  Before the owner complained that at 75 mph it felt like he was over revving and lots of vibes.  With the new trans you can run up to 75-80 mph in 5th with no vibes and shift into 6th and that will take you to 90-100 mph.  running at 90 mph it honestly feels like your maybe doing 50 its so smooth and I would estimate the rpms at maybe 3300-3500 at the very max.  I couldn't believe the difference in that bike with the new trans.  It literally put a grin on my face.  Now thinking that would be a great upgrade for a shovel…….

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6 speed install this weekemd Empty Re: 6 speed install this weekemd

Post  zaac Sun Jun 08, 2014 8:55 pm

coopsta wrote: Now thinking that would be a great upgrade for a shovel…….

I think that's the next and last thing I need to do with mine. May as well go 93" on the next overhaul since already bored for it. Should have plenty power for overdrive then. I think it already does now going by how it pulls in 4th. Would be kinda nice to go easily with traffic on the Trans Canada.

Soon as ol wins the lotto that she keeps promising.

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