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What are you puttting that into?

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What are you puttting that into? Empty What are you puttting that into?

Post  coopsta Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:13 pm

I went to the Hat today to pick up some 50 Wt for an oil change this afternoon. So I grab 4 jugs off the shelf and go to the counter and the young lady at the register looks at the 4 jugs of 50 Wt then says to me "uh what are your putting that in?", so me being the dick that I am respond very slowly, "into a motorcycle!!"
She didn't like my answer very much and refrained from telling me to fuck off, and I could not help but start laughing....she says no what bike is it going into? So I said a shovelhead, and she says oh ok I was just making sure it wasn't a new bike because that isn't recommended for new bikes.
Then I took a stroll around and another young lady came up and wondered if I needed assistance or questions in regards to any of the bikes on the showroom, I said nope just getting some oil for the shovel.....well that got her all talkative and she was curious about the shovel, shit must have chatted with her for over 45 min asking questions about how is a stroker built and what not.....funny hardly a guy in the place, women parts people, women sales people, women sales manager.....was starting to think I was at some ladies boutique store or sumthin? I actually think I like the concept though.....fill the place with ladies, marketing strategy I guess? Them chicks probably know more about the rainbows than the guys in purchasing them lol.


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What are you puttting that into? Empty Re: What are you puttting that into?

Post  sunnydog Wed Jul 03, 2013 11:28 pm

Great marketing and selling ploy! Just the same reason why there shouldn't be male waiters allowed in restaurants, my humble opinion of course!
Btw, how many litres does that new twink take LMAO!

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