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Hey Wade did you get that mag fingered out

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Hey Wade did you get that mag fingered out Empty Hey Wade did you get that mag fingered out

Post  coopsta Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:47 am

Wade I was reading all the posts at the other site about your issues. Even if you had some goofy markings on your flywheels and you couldn't decide what mark was what its pretty easy to figure out what mark is what. if your on the compression stroke on the front cylinder with the plugs out just have the bike in 4th and slowly tap that rear tire until you feel the piston coming up then use a straw or the like and keep tapping until the piston is right to the top of the stroke, now that mark on the flywheel will be TDC, if you now start tapping the rear tire in the other direction(going in reverse) the next mark that will come into view will be or should be 35* advance mark. All flywheels will have at least those two marks, some will also have a third for rear cylinder advance but all will have at least them ones.
I wish I knew more about mags to help you with that animal but I will go to some manufacturers sites and have a look..here is some instruction at Hunt. They seem pretty straightforward as far as instillation.
After doing the reading it sounds like mags have some advance built into them, so that can be a bit tricky to relate to, but it also sounds like they are like points in the timing of them. So basically if you are on front cylinder comp stroke, at 35* advance mark or just before(mark closer to right side of timing hole) then with a test meter you should be able to rotate the mag until the breaker just opens. it doesn't matter whether your dealing with points, semi electronic/mechanical advance, full electronic or magneto ignitions all of these twins need to be set up so that front cylinder will fire with +/- 35* advance to run. That gets you damn close for general decent kicking, but there are inconsistencies and slop to take into account as well. Gear mesh and how close your eyeball decides where the middle of that timing hole is in relation to the timing mark can advance or retard your timing a few degrees. That is where you need a timing light to dial shit in dead on balls accurate, but you wouldn't see any of that difference unless you where on a dyno machine, but it makes a tiny bit of difference in top power and torque being just a blonde one advanced.


The only thing I don't like about those instructions is the part where after your rotate the motor until intake is closed they tell you to pull the cam cover, no mention of slacking off pushrods, I personally wouldn't be popping off cam cover with the chance of any valve spring pressure on my cam just my .02.

Here are general mag instructions

another general mag instruction from Hunt with some good tips

Here is the timing instructions, and they are pretty clear on how to set up the mag for timing

battery eliminator instructions


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Hey Wade did you get that mag fingered out Empty Re: Hey Wade did you get that mag fingered out

Post  Shakerattlenroll Sun Apr 14, 2013 6:51 pm

the bitch is alive Smile

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